Capernaum Edit

After the wedding he went to Capernaum for a few days with his mother, his brothers, and his disciples. (John 2:12)

Daily Bible Reading: Exodus 32:1 – 34:35

Relate: The prophet Nahum wrote the book bearing his name right some time shortly before the Assyrian empire collapsed. He was a subject of that empire and there are two debates as to where he lived. Nahum 1:1 says he is from Elkosh and the stronger tradition links that with the town of Alqush in northern Iraq. There is a tomb in that town dedicated to him and there is a family that continues to care for it today even though all the Jews were expelled from the town in 1948 and have still not been allowed back to visit. The other tradition is that the town of Capernaum, which was built (or rebuilt) about two hundred years before Christ began his…

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