truck stop at nite

Crickets chirped in happy unison.  It was a pleasant summer night.  Elmer was oblivious to it all.  They’d watched spaghetti westerns together for hours.  Lee Van Cleef was her favorite actor–or was it a lie?  …Along with the other lies.

“So, you’re a painter?” Luann’s mother asked, when they first met.  “You’re not a frustrated artist are you–like Van Gogh?”  “No ma’am, Elmer answered.  “I paint houses and buildings.  It has ups and downs, but I’ve never been tempted to cut off one of my ears.”  It was funny then, but not anymore.

Luann wanted a handsome prince to sweep her off her feet.  What she got, was Elmer, the frog prince.  Their relationship was doomed from the start.  After eighteen short months, Bobby Ray Tompkins came along and spirited her away.  Closer in age at twenty-two, he had swagger–knew the right things to say.  Bobby Ray personified bad boy mystique, with slicked back, dark hair.  There’d…

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