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Saint-Tropez Saint-Tropez

In my nomadic life, I have missed a lot of planes, trains and will probably miss my own wedding. (If anyone is courageous, patient and confident enough to marry a woman like myself, that is…)

Somehow, Mr. Bond and I managed to mix up the train schedules from Spain to France. I’m only saying “Mr. Bond and I” cause I don’t want him to feel bad.. he takes the fifth, on this one.

Sneaky old lady with a cane in Barcelona, had absolutely no chance at getting a cab before me. Even though I was there first, grandma tried to snatch away the only taxi that would take us to the train station, just in time for our train.

The whole fiasco should have been filmed. It was hilarious. I didn’t say much, just ” oh no no no!! Don’t even think it!! ” and then…

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