Microsoft(s msft) has been making a strong attempt to become platform-agnostic under new CEO Satya Nadella, and as part of that effort, the latest update to Skype for iPhone ditches the iOS(s appl) look-and-feel for a design that is definitely Windows Phone-influenced.


Skype for iPhone 5.0 is a major redesign, with several interface and performance tweaks. I downloaded it from the App Store and was pleasantly surprised that the performance seemed significantly improved: Lag was almost imperceptible, and when there were slight delays they were ameliorated by fluid animations.

Aesthetically, the updated app looks very similar to Windows Phone, using Microsoft’s Segoe font, and a Windows-esque ribbon navigation bar at the top. On the bottom of the screen now lies a pair buttons that put the two most used-features based on context at thumb-point. For instance, when opening the app, you get a dialer and and a messages shortcut. While in a conversation with someone…

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